This is our rendition of the Tannenberg handgonne, based on the original handgonne recovered from from a well at Tannenberg Castle. With an approximate length of 12 inches over all. The Tannenberg castle was destroyed in 1399. It would be safe to assume that the Tannenburg gonne may date older than that. Also it is important to note is that the original had a bore of appoximately 17mm in diameter or .65 caliber. It was found loaded with a lead ball and not with an springel, cannon arrow.

Our recreation has a .75 caliber bore, measuring 7.5" inches length, with a 1.5" powder chamber. Turned from 12L14 steel, its built to last! Shipped bright, we leave the final metal finish to you. It can be painted black, or you may wish to blue or brown it, or just allow it to age naturally

This price does NOT include shipping

Because the internet is world wide communications vehicle, Orders from outside the Continental United States cost far more to ship than those within. Not to mention, the Customs requirements and limitations are different country to country. So, we must take time to research whether or not it is permitted to ship our fine pieces to you. As to avoid misunderstandings and time costly mistakes, we must ask that you email us your order. That way we can ascertain if we can ship one of these fine pieces to you, calculate the cost of shipping and get the paper work started.

Each piece we sell requires a signed photocopy of your state issued Driver's License or Identity Card as proof of your age. If you reside in an area that requires a firearms license, then a signed photocopy of that will be needed as well. As well as a printed copy of our release form, signed by you.


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